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The reason why many people choose to use a mortgage broker of financial adviser to arrange their mortgage for them is varied.

Some of the main reasons are:

- Time, they are too busy and have not got the spare time to assess the market for the best deals themselves.

- Knowledge, they may not have the knowledge and understanding about all the different types of mortgage deals and the implications of selcting one over another.

- Negotiating power, many mortgage brokers and financial advisers are able to negotiate with lenders to get an application through, which might otherwise have been turned down by a lender, due to the applicats lack of knowledge or experience in dealing with a lenders underwriting department.

- Exclusives. Some Mortgage Brokers and Financial Advisers have access to exclusive mortgage deals not available directly from the lender.

When you formally apply for a mortgage, you will need to fill in a mortgage application form. This will ask for some fairly detailed information to help the lender decide whether, and how much, to offer to lend to you. The lender will normally need the following information:

• Proof of identity;
• If you are employed, proof of salary from your employer;
• If you are self-employed, copies of your audited accounts;
• If you are working on a short-term contract, evidence of the length of your contract;
• Details of how you have kept up any previous mortgage payments, or evidence of regular rent payments; 
• Details of your wider financial circumstances


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The information on this website is for the use of residents of the united kingdom only.